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Certified Massage Practitioner
Certified Raindrop Practitioner
Certified ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Odessa Avianna Perez is a ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor and Massage Therapist. She has over a decade of experience using therapeutic-grade essential oils for greater health and wellbeing and is a distributor for Young Living. She completed massage training at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork in July 2013, Raindrop Training at the Lightwing Center in 2012, and first received her ThetaHealing certificate in 2011. 

She has studied Spiritual Communication with David and ­­­Erina Cowan, Polarity Therapy with Clio Ellis-Perez, Infinity Practice with Gabrielli LaChiara, Essential Oils with Sue Pelechaty, ThetaHealing with Angela Rojas, Dove Mosis and Vianna Stibal, and Raindrop Technique and Psychic Development with Nancy Weber. With the help of these amazing teachers she has deepened her understanding of energy healing, bodywork, and aromatherapy, and further honed her intuitive, empathic, and communication skills.

Raised by a Polarity Therapist/Holistic Health Counselor and Sufis, Odessa has been immersed in energy healing modalities, self-empowered health, and spirit-consciousness all her life.  These early inspirations have shaped the way she approaches transformation and healing. She believes that our experiences can be our greatest teachers, and that when we empower ourselves to be active participants in our lives, the greatest transformations can take root.  

As a dancer, Odessa has a keen sense of how our bodies are key participants in our experiences, memories, and lives as they unfold. Bodies carry the imprint of all of our memories, traumas, and emotions. Through her own experience of illness and injury, Odessa has witnessed that our bodies often know what’s needed before our minds do. They may accept an illness to draw our attention to what our minds might be missing. Learning to trust our bodies, decipher the language they speak to us every day, and learn from the embodiment of our experiences can be an enlightening pathway to greater healing and transformation.

Through her work and practice with ThetaHealing, Odessa has learned that our thoughts shape our reality. Therefore, we can literally think ourselves into our greatest dreams or our greatest nightmares. Sometimes it may feel like our brains are trapping us in the rat races that we ourselves have created. If someone has never known true joy, it can feel impossible to ever get out of depressive thought patterns. Through a process of re-programming – that is, clearing beliefs that do not serve us and receiving new feelings – we can break old thought and behavioral patterns, and manifest more love, light and joy in our lives.

Odessa is unendingly fascinated by the question of separateness and unity, and excited by the possibilities that we are all creating in this world as we gain more consciousness. She views healing, quite simply, as the journey of self-empowerment and greater awareness.

Welcome to your Odyssey.

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