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About Bodywork:

Having had a raindrop session with Odessa, I can say with honesty and joy, she brings a compassion that helped me unite my emotions with some debilitating thoughts and stuck energy. I came out of the session extremely refreshed and with a deep gentleness I only feel in times of great release. It's something that I can call upon and be reminded of the nature of nurturing. Odessa puts great care and devotion into her work and it shows in her ability to respond to her clients needs whether spoken or unspoken.   -Joseph 

I'm grateful for Odessa pointing out areas of my body that hold tension. -Todd

Odessa seemed very knowledgeable about the different parts of the body I had questions about and had a very client-centered attitude. -Elizabeth

I had a specific need for this massage and the need was met. Very grateful for the attention to detail and movement. I feel considerably better from the work. -Kalash

I would certainly reccommend her to anyone I know. -Garrett

One of the best massages I've had. -Cindy

About Theta Healing:

Short term effects = euphoria. Longer term effects = deep, lasting shifts. -Meg

Precise, attuned, intelligent, appropriately directive without being overbearing, useful.  -Yonti

It opened up awareness of hidden patterns and easily shifted stuck energy that I hadn't yet seen.  -Anonymous

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